Welcome to the “50s Club”! Jennifer Aniston, Gwen Stefani and more stars turning 50 in 2019

Some of your favorite celebrities have or are turning 50 this year, including Jennifer Aniston, who hit the birthday milestone on Feb. 11th.

Gwen Stefani turns 50 on Oct. 3rd

Matthew McConaughey turns 50 on Nov. 4th

Jennifer Lopez turns 50 on July 24th

Sean “Diddy” Combs turns 50 on Nov. 4th

Ellen Pompeo turns 50 on Nov. 10th

Paul Rudd turned 50 on April 6th

Jay-Z turns 50 on Dec. 4th

Cate Blanchett turned 50 on May 14th

Catherine Zeta-Jones turns 50 on Sept. 25th

Terrence Howard turned 50 on March 11th

Jack Black turns 50 on Aug. 28th

Patton Oswalt turns 50 on Jan. 27th

Gerard Butler turns 50 on Nov. 13th

Tyler Perry turns 50 on Sept. 13th

Jason Bateman turned 50 on Jan. 14th

Norman Reedus turned 50 on Jan. 6th

Javier Bardem turns 50 on March 1st

Jason Priestley turns 50 on Aug. 28th

Matthew Perry turns 50 on Aug. 19th

Anne Heche turns 50 on May 25th

Pauley Perrette turned 50 on March 27th

Marilyn Manson turned 50 on Jan. 5th

Renee Zellweger turned 50 on April 25th

Dave Bautista turned 50 Jan. 18th

Peter Dinklage turns 50 on June 11th

Michael Sheen turned 50 on Feb. 5th

Naveen Andrews turned 50 on Jan. 17th

Dave Grohl turned 50 on Jan. 14th

Ice Cube turns 50 on June 15th

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