“Jimisu and Her Beauties” Strike a Pose for Furbabies!

Houston, TX: Mark your calendars for Jimisu and Her Beauties’ “Ride Like a Beast” Motorcycle Poker Run scheduled for October 19th!

When Jimisu Balko decided to take a stand against animal suffering in Houston, she knew exactly to whom she needed to turn. The former model and actress-turned-businesswoman thought immediately of the strong, established females she calls her Beauties.

The powerful group of gals includes entrepreneurs and mom-bosses who also happen to be smokin’ hot with hearts of gold. Raising funds for animal care, Jimisu and Her Beauties was founded in 2010 and has been a force of goodness for women and animals ever since.

Jimisu and Her Beauties are out to prove that gravity does not rule. Women do!

This 501(c)3 has hosted dozens of fundraising events all over Houston to help families pay the cost of spay/neutering their pets and no-kill shelters’ adoption fees. The goal is to help ease the burden of canine abuse and neglect all over Houston by preventing unwanted puppies and kitties.

Adding to their philanthropic values, the all-female team of local tycoons are also committed to proving that age is just a number. Neither sex appeal nor economic prowess have any kind of expiration date with Jimisu and Her Beauties. The group of almost all 40 and over, vibrant ladies are not only gorgeous and fit but dedicate their efforts to two important causes.

Their mantra?

Promote Women & Save Furbabies.

Houston has a long-standing problem with animal shelters running at capacity with few donations. This means animals are euthanized at record numbers for two main reasons: Animal care is expensive and there are more pets being born than homes to care for them.

These numbers have only seen an uptick in recent years as Houstonians have suffered natural disasters, displacement, and forced migration.

Understanding a local need, Jimisu came up with a classy & super sexy way to prevent unwanted and neglected animals from overflowing local shelters, or worse- being euthanized.

The vixen ladies have been going strong for over 10 years and their efforts have prevented tens of thousands of unwanted births. Along with live auctions, adoption events, and pet food drives, these businesswomen strike a pose every year with a selection of Harleys, Fidos, or local celebrities!

Their photos grace the pages of calendars and posters with 100% of the net proceeds going towards helping private families with the cost of spay/neutering and adoption fees. Who knew a calendar spread could help ensure animal care while giving viewers an unbelievable bang for their buck? Jimisu and Her Beauties knew!

Check out the mature and saucy ladies, almost all 40 and well beyond, as they combine a few of their favorite things — motorcycles, modeling, glam, and canines!

The calendar poster debuts this coming October. You can get your hands on their canine-loving causes for just $10 a piece by going to: www.JimisuAndHerBeauties.com.

Feel good about helping homeless dogs & cats with your much needed donation.


By Kathryn Yacovodonato


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