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“Where you are is merely a point along the path to where you are going.” 
― Tony Cleaver

With that being said … here I am and here we are.

I woke up one morning feeling the same as the day before and the day before it.  The only difference was, it was Sept. 6th and I was now officially 50 years “old”?  “But, I don’t feel old,” I’m sure I thought.  In fact, I had made my goal in life to “not feel old” and to stay in shape and mentally sharp, and on top of that, I had school-aged kids living at home!  I’m sure many of you feel or felt the same way, which is why a wise person was quoted as saying “age is just a number”. And to the fortunate ones, it is

A little about me: My name is Craig L. Amos (a cool acronym is “Clamos” — rhymes with famous), I have a wife and two kids.  My son, a competitive swimmer in high school, will be going away to Trinity University in San Antonio, the #1 ranked college in Texas according to at least one poll, and a nine year old daughter. They’re both smart and the most polite kids you could ever meet.  Professionally, I’m a visual communicator — or graphic designer — who’s done work for some remarkable clients over the past 25 years.  I’ve seen my work on billboards traveling down the highways in Houston, Texas, magazines, newspapers and had a one client who paid for a billboard in China!  For the past three years, I’ve been assisting another magazine get on its feet, International Focus.

Many marketing geniuses will tell you that the 18-30 age demographic is an advertiser’s preferred demographic — but they’d be wrong.  The correct answer is our market: those of us between the ages of 50-65.  We have worked our entire adult lives, saved and/or invested incomes, bought or are buying homeowners, paid off college debt and can afford cars we could only dream about at the aforementioned, so-called “preferred demographic” age.  Do they think we’re old at turning because we turned 50?  This is the reason I began this journey of Spry 247 at this point in my life.

My daughter tells me, “you’re old!”  (Again, she’s nine, sooooo …) But I get up every weekend morning to go play tennis with a 30-something year old guy who’s mother is one year younger than me!  As I look around, I’m proud to see many active “old folks” playing tennis, riding bikes, working out and just plain enjoying life!  My goal is that this magazine will be a reflection of that.  We’re not here to just glorify top-level executives — although we do want to give kudos to those who’ve reached ultimate success — but an all-inclusive medium that has something for everyone actively living over the age of 50 in the United States of America!  We share commonalities whether we know it or not or accept it or not; from rearing children to running a business.  I invite you to share this website with members of your family and online communities.  If you’ve got tips to share, by all means send them to us!  I’ll do my best to read everything that comes our way and give every ounce of consideration for publishing.  I also encourage you to subscribe to the print edition, I guarantee it’ll be a conversation starter and table-top keeper for years to come!  Believe it or not, there are limitations on web magazines, but that parameters are limitless in print!

Check back for updates to my blog!

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